• Expert technical consulting

    Expert technical consulting

    When a true understanding of the options really matters

  • Strategic insight

    Strategic insight

    C level experience C level advisory services

  • Delivering change

    Delivering change

    We help the C suite deliver technology powered change. We advise global and regional organisations. We work on M&A activities and private equity acquisitions or disposals.

  • Investing in the future

    Investing in the future

    Helping to deliver cost transparency and showing the value of IT

IT Strategy

Digital driven change is altering the fabric of how business works at a rate that is unprecedented. Keeping up with this change and harnessing it is now a matter of survival for many established businesses.

Change Management

We drive change into the organisation. We will take responsibility for making change happen. Whether this is new governance and reporting structures, work programmes, programme and project office support or providing short term, accountable expertise, we can deliver the right structure for your needs.

Enterprise Architecture

With so much now depending on good quality data whether it be accurate and timely performance reports or real-time customer analytics, control over and use of data is now a mandatory, core corporate competence.

Our architectural practice majors in three key areas:

System integration
System integration
Master Data Management and Analytics
Master Data Management and Analytics
Open source and cloud technologies
Open source and cloud technologies

Technology Business Management

TBM is a recognised cost transparency framework that can bridge the “understanding” gap between IT and the business. 

A framework like TBM allows the business to really understand the cost of IT, where that cost is going, what is delivered and how this cost compares to others. 

Consultants from Morgan Hill have been significant contributors to this framework.

We prepare you to get the most value out of TBM. This means we show you the processes and techniques that have been proven to work in many implementations. Techniques like how to use the General Ledger correctly to maximise automated allocations and making minor modifications to data entry processes that will yield great insight and easy traceability back to source data. 

We help you to set up standard allocation processes to technology towers that provide rapid insight and help you avoid the pitfalls of “cottage industries” springing up around the allocation processes.


We are engaged by the senior management of large corporations usually the CIO, CFO or CEO.
People who are concerned with maximising the value from their crucial investments in technology.

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About Us

Who We Are

We are a team comprising strategists, technologists and senior business managers.

Our objective is to help clients deliver measurable value from their investment technology at an acceptable and controlled level of risk. Our people have backgrounds in industry, consulting, finance and technology.

What We Do

Morgan Hill started providing advisory services in 2005.

We work with the senior management of large organisations to provide certainty in technology investment and direction.

We show the real costs of delivering IT services and help senior management to choose the most appropriate technologies at an acceptable level of cost and risk.

We help clients align strategy with IT by relating corporate objectives with all elements of the IT investment.

We transfer the skills required to govern investments from a value and risk perspective. We set up or improve the corporate structures that control those investments.


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