Private Equity Services

  • Pre-acquisition technology due diligence
  • Financial baselining, the real costs of IT and efficiency opportunities
  • Performance improvement and restructuring
  • Mergers and establishing an effective IT operating model

We provide pre-acquisition, due diligence services in the crucial technology space. Ensuring an adequate set of technology services is in place and effective prior to any acquisition is now one of the most vital parts of any transaction. Regardless of other attractions and business logic, it is often the tech portfolio and capability that can mean the difference between a successful or failed acquisition.

Getting the most out of a transaction usually involves post acquisition transformation. We can present a range of strategic options for technology change. Merging systems, making use of modern cloud based collaborative services, outsourcing, data and analytics; we have the technical skills and experience to address the options logically and to plot the right strategic direction.

We help to make change happen in the technology space with rigorous, fast paced programmes aligned with clear and tangible objectives. Injecting the right expertise and pace for a limited period can energise organisations and make change happen.

Example Content

1. Size & Shape
2. Structure: centralised, regional, hybrid
3. Organisation(s): compare to industry standard framework
4. Capabilities: ICCM
5. Budget & benchmarks
6. Architecture
7. Data and analytics
8. Security
9. Project Portfolio assessment