Technology Business Management

TBM is a recognised cost transparency framework that can bridge the “understanding” gap between IT and the business.

A framework like TBM allows the business to really understand the cost of IT, where that cost is going, what is delivered and how this cost compares to others.

Consultants from Morgan Hill have been significant contributors to this framework.

We prepare you to get the most value out of TBM. This means we show you the processes and techniques that have been proven to work in many implementations. Techniques like how to use the General Ledger correctly to maximise automated allocations and making minor modifications to data entry processes that will yield great insight and easy traceability back to source data.

We help you to set up standard allocation processes to technology towers that provide rapid insight and help you avoid the pitfalls of “cottage industries” springing up around the allocation processes.

Cost Transparency

We can show you how to answer these questions:

  1. How much exactly do we spend on IT? Input is general ledger costs.
  2. Where does that spend go? Shown by comparable industry standard technology towers.
  3. What the unit costs are. Eg cost per desktop, email cost per employee.
  4. What cost base differences exist within different geographic entities within an organisation and where?
  5. How the cost base compares with industry standards.
  6. What financial efficiencies are available: where, why and how.

What We Do – Structured Approach

Obtain visibility and control over IT service costs

We help you through the steps needed for a successful implementation of a TBM proof of concept. We follow a proven and structured model that transfers the skills and techniques that you will need to begin to show the true value of IT.

We provide a blend of skills based on having first-hand experience of occupying the CIO role in large listed organisations. These skills include: IT management, finance, technical architecture and change management.

We can help you if you are new to TBM or if you are already embarked upon it.

How We Do It Page – Technology

How the TBM works, how we drill down into IT service costs and how you can benefit

Whilst spreadsheets are vital everyday tools they do not scale and certainly do not support a management framework based on the principles of TBM. Many organisations start their TBM journey with spreadsheets and these usually provide a rich source of financial coding rules which generally prove very useful when scaling up to a repeatable platform based service.

There are a range of technologies and platforms suitable for TBM implementations. We are experienced with most of these and can provide you with assistance in choosing the correct technical approach for your organisation.